How to catch derived Vars with a clj-kondo hook

I love Clojure's REPL-driven development. But... I do have one gripe: derived Var. To make derived Vars REPL-friendly, we need to either use Var quoting or function wrapping. But how to find all the derived Vars in a large codebase? The answer is: with a clj-kondo hook.

Sun Feb 04 16:38:36 EET 2024

Clojure set with custom equality semantics

Have you ever wondered if it's possible to create a Clojure set with a custom equality semantics? It is! You can use `sorted-set-by` to achieve that. In this article, I'll show how.

Thu Sep 07 22:34:47 EEST 2023

8 tips for Advent of Code 2022 🎄

Advent of Code 2022 starts in 8 days! Here are eight tips for AoC 2022

Wed Nov 23 19:46:00 EET 2022

ClojureScript REPL Workflow with Figwheel

Roman Liutikov wrote a nice article on how to make ClojureScript's Browser REPL rerender the app after REPL evaluation. But how to do that in Figwheel? Let's find out.

Tue Nov 15 19:50:00 EET 2022

ClojureScript update from 1.10.439 to 1.11.60

We recently upgraded our ClojureScript version from 1.10.439 to 1.11.60. Although the update went well, there were few things that needed special attention.

Thu Aug 25 22:34:00 EEST 2022